19 January, 2021

Updated the Control System

So again, a long hiatus from posting here. I've still been working on my layout, have no fear. I'll make a brief update here. Thanks to fellow Navy man Lawrence Eggering (owner of Creaky Chair Models), I have expanded my Digitrax(tm) DCC system, from just a DCS 100 Empire Builder (and a PSX-2 Circuit protector), to now include a DB150 (I found used on eBay) and a new PM42 Quad Power Manager and included an Accu Lites PM42 Breakout Board, to make connections easier. I will eventually replace the RR-CirKits Locobuffer USB with a PR4, to make the system 99% Digitrax.  It is connected to a Raspberry Pi 3b, with a great image set up by Larry, to auto boot up JMRI

Next will be a Speedometer install on one of the mainlines, also made by Creaky Chair Models (http://www.creakychairmodels.com/), to help with speed matching my locos, and then I can consist two and three locos with my permanent programming track. I hope to have some track pictures, soon.  Some trackwork and benchwork has been done, but plenty more to do!

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