30 August, 2019

Long Overdue Update

I finally got some mo' going, to get back to my model train 'obsession'. Of late, it's been more of an interest, and I guess that was bound to happen.  I stopped primarily because we were renting our home, and were not sure we'd buy it.  Having bought it in May, we're here to stay.  Also, moving out West has changed our behavior a bit.  We're closer to our kids and (very busy) grandkids, the weather is much nicer for outdoor activities like ATV ridin', shooting, and traveling, plus the job I'm in has some travel (that part isn't really new, except that it's confined to CO, UT, AZ, and NM).  All in all, it's good to be back, working on the layout.

In any case, I got back to building my benchwork.  For those who are interested, it is based off of David Barrow's Domino style.  However, the track plan (ably done by Bob S & modified slightly by Bernie K) is not, so I'm not quite sure why decided to build it this way - we hope to never move again, so probably I'll most-likely never move them, and it is rather lumber intensive ($$$).  But at this point, I'm in it for the long haul.  See below.

All the 'modules' are bolted together, and I'm working on the staging and the upper frames, for the plywood sub-base.  Some top frames WILL be modified, to allow some scenery to go below a flat plywood. Got a new Jigsaw and I hope to learn how to do some 'cookie cutting' of the plywood. I also hope to finish painting the four segments of luan back drop a basic blue.  One challenge I am facing, is the room is currently not air-conditioned/heated (naturally ventilated, due to HVAC equipment); that will be hopefully remedied with a friend's help, in a couple of weeks.  The ceiling fan I put up has helped, but not enough.

Recently, Rob Spangler was able to put me in touch with a fantastic modeler in my area, Doug Jolley.  He models in S-Scale (narrow gauge), and has a beautiful steam era layout (http://www.ldsig.org/jolleydrgw).  He and I are going to get together, to see if we can start putting down the track plan for the yard, and get me going.  For me, that's the hardest part.  Once I'm shown how to get track plan from paper to benchwork, or it's done by someone who has a clue/experience, I am pretty sure I can do the cork roadbed, and flex track.   The one big disadvantage of moving from VA, is I lost the amazing and skillful help of Bob, Bernie, and Shannon Crabtree, another modeler with a great HO layout (https://virginiamidlandrr.blogspot.com/).

One final note, I'm blessed to have a wonderful & supportive wife, who has allowed (well, insisted) me to make this year's Mid-Atlantic RPM (www.marpm.org), held in Baltimore, MD, next month, so if you're around, please stop by the volunteer table and say hi!  Until next update, have a great and safe Labor Day holiday weekend!

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