17 April, 2018

Another (Module) Frame Makes Some Dust

Hey!  Gonna get you two - another module frame made some dust - sawdust, that is!  Yes, I butchered a Queen song, but I am unable to stop myself. :oP

So, nothing big, just was able to get the leg leveling hardware at Lowe's.  I decided to finish putting that second module's legs on and get it up.  So, two 2'x4' module frames down, unsure how many more I'll do before I get a track plan.  As an FYI, the basic frames are set for 39", with adjustable feet.  Any additional height for tracks & scenery will be done with cleats/risers, from the three horizontals & side rails of each module.  And, backdrops will eventually be basic 1/8" thick, luan plywood, with a max height of 14-18".

On a slightly different note , I have been toying with my Medusa Cement (see previous post), and I saw that the 'ducting' on the Walthers kit is pretty basic.  Friend and modeler extraordinaire Ralph DeBlasi (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO4KRWlsSoZIlkA5WMgGcSQ) suggested I get into some of the wonderful stuff Ed Traxler did with Rusty Stump's Scale Models, for HVAC Duct Fittings.  It's got my curiousity piqued on how it would look, so I'm going to order my share of fittings, now that I have supply of Evergreen square & round tubing.  This may get used on this kit, or to add some interesting detail on other basic structures I'll be using (from my previous switching layout) & creating.  Check out:  https://www.rustystumps.com/HVAC-Fittings.asp, if interested.

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Shannon Crabtree said...

Glad you are getting back in the swing of things Norm! It's nothing like starting over on a new layout! good luck!