17 October, 2017

Another Layout Shuts Down, but for a GREAT Reason!

I've not done much with the layout or even model railroading in the past six months or so, due to several things (life, family, work, our living situation, etc).  Well, the Bowman Center has come down (nothing but shelf brackets left, and that's going away soon as well), thanks to the above mentioned GREAT reason.  We're moving across this great country to be nearer to children and grandchildren, as well as a new job to peak my interests.

As such, it may be a while until I do something MR-ish.  I will certainly try to keep the blog alive, with some railfan exploits as I cross the country and get to our new home. Stay tuned!


Mike McNamara said...

Good luck with everything Norm! We'll miss you here on the east coast, but looking forward to seeing your adventures through this blog and Facebook!

Norman Wolf said...

Thanks ever so much, Mike!