03 May, 2017

Quick Update on Motive Power & Sound

SO Excited! Got two locos sent out for upgrades, thanks to my Honey's "bday present". Got a jewel of a bride, with Daylene.

First loco is an old P2K GP38-2 (L&N/FL #6022) that Traintek LLC put a 1st Gen Soundtraxx decoder in (sounds great, but never ran quite well) seven years ago, so back in Gary Paulino's capable hands for at least a Keep Alive.

The 2nd is a "new", never out of the box (still has horn hooks on it!) Atlas C30-7 (Conrail #6601) I've had in the closet for a while, off to Mike Rose for a full monty install (weight milling, LEDs, etc) of the ESU Loksound decoder kind.

I also have a U36C that will have to wait for a bit ($), so for the future layout (in Utah), I can have two "through locos" and stick an RF&P Geep on front, as the prototype did, when running the 113 miles from Potomac Yard to Acca Yard. Our eventual move West will not change my love for VA railroads, as well as the Grey & Blue.

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