17 January, 2017

Kruiswyk Machinery (formerly Canavan's Machine Tool) - A Fos Scale Limited Structure Kit Build

So, I was able to get this kit done, in a little under three weeks, after working on it a few hours a night, 2-3 nights a week.  It is certainly not a difficult kit, if you've done at least one or two  'craftsman style' kits and fun to build.  For this one, I decided it wouldn't look too old or worn, such as when you add "nail holes" and busted clapboard, peeling paint, etc.  I assembled the kit almost completely, before priming and painting a simple white.
Using the Microscale Jig to square it up.

After priming, I decided it would be a perfect fit in between the tracks, as opposed to the kitbash of Walthers plastic stuff from the Lumber Mill. Ramps to doorways may need some tweaking, due to track proximity, but I think it will work.

The 'original' machinery shop is that brown building, in the foreground.

Here's some assembly pixes.

Roofing and building were weathered with the PanPastel materials only.

And, here it is on the layout, as complete as it will get until I start scenicking and detailing.

Looking at them now, I may try to play around with positioning the buildings, to try and make it look the best, and allow for operations, without knocking into the structures or scenery.  More to come, as usual!


Mike McNamara said...

Looks great, very interesting building. Lots of neat details and signs on this kit. Your finish work came out well.

Norman Wolf said...

Thanks, Mike! It's a combo of things I did, and what Doug Foscale did with the kit in manufacturing. Some of the signage was fun to research, find, and shrink. I do that for most of my buildings now, as I think it adds some time references to it.
BTW, your layout is awesome! Love following your progress on the FB group.