30 October, 2016

Weathering Shots - Intermountain two-bay covered hopper.

I'm kinda sorry that I haven't posted in quite a while. Blogging is definitely not my strong suit. I've done some weathering of freight cars over the past 10 months, on and off.  It comes like most things in my life... in fits! LOL!  Here's one of my faves. An ex-MKT two-bay covered hopper for cement service, now under Helm Leasing Co. ownership.

I took this one, on a July '16 railfan trip while babysitting my granddaughter. Nap time for her, trains for me!
Really caught my eye, even though it's 20+ years too new for my layout.

Here's one from Railroad Picture Archives . Shows the extensive corrosion
 on the roof and the replaced walkways.
This car really caught my eye (because it's not very plain jane).  So, I had to see if I could find one in HO.  An older Intermountain kit, painted in this scheme was my starting point.

Assembled, Gloss coated and decaling has started.
The car is older, so some of the parts were small, very flexible, and didn't quite fit 100% together. Not my best assembly of a kit. However, once I weather, I think a lot of the excess glue AND mistakes will be covered, or barely noticeable.  Definitely passes the 8' test.
Lettering complete, and now going to add some Graff!

Microscale decals for graf - I'm not brave enough for hand-drawing the actual ones on the prototype.
Thought I did this great, until a friend showed me I should've had the open bottoms of the lettering down at the bottom edge of the car.  Dang it.
Using Oil paints as a base, I stippled in some Pan Pastels.  I love the results!

Other side.  
Top view. 

I called this one complete before the 2016 MARPM and displayed it there.  Many liked it, although it could've been better. But, as Allen McLelland says, "Good Enough" is the standard you should go for and it's my railroad... hope you like it, cuz I surely do!

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