19 January, 2016

Transition to CSXT - Continued

The MTH Gon is complete and back in revenue service.  Here's my pictoral chain of events.
Before much of anything, I decided to add some BBs, to increase the weight; used Elmer's glue.

Fellow modeler & friend Ralph DeBlasi has recommended using some of the AK Interactive paints, so I gave a few a try.
Love the results, after using a trio of Crusted Rust, Bleeding Rust, Track Wash, and Grime.

Really think these paints are making it look used and crusty, circa the transition from SBD to CSX (about 1989-1990).

The interior was done the same way, but I added another color, Oily grime.

After the paints dried, I added a little too much Bragdon's Ash Wx Powders, but quickly removed some off, using water & a q-tip.

Here she is, at the Dominion Scrap & Salvage, getting put to good use.
My only problem with this car is the fact that I deformed the bay a little too much, so the Motrak Models scrap load no longer fits.  I think I'll modify the load to fit, as I really like how the car came out.


David Holliday said...

Hi there,
I just found your site via Pinterest, I'm in a similar situation, I think.

I'm living in a one-bedroom apartment with a cat-not conducive to model railroading.

But, I can still sketch out ideas for my next layout.

Where are you locating too? I live near Seattle.

Best wishes,

– David

Norman Wolf said...

Wish ya luck as well! We moved to Utah.