14 January, 2016

From 'Foobie' to CSX Gon - A quick change

Once again, I am doing a lousy job on consistently posting to the blog.  So, I'll binge a bit this weekend.  Here's one quick post, on a couple of night project.

A while back, I bought a couple of MTH Mill Gondolas at a train show. Turns out the WM one was pretty close to prototype, but the N&W was not, so I decided to use a little MicroSol to remove the lettering and make it a CSX gon (based on a proto photo by John Rogers) for my switching layout. Here's a few shots of my progress.

MTH 'as delivered' 70-ton mill gondola.  A good looking paint scheme, but not right for this type (as far as I could find)
Proto photo by Joe Rogers, circa 2006; I think the lettering is normally used on patching locos and are certainly larger than 8" tall. This is an ex-SBD Gon.

Using Microscale MicroSol soaked paper towel, I was able to remove the white lettering, logo, etc.

Took some Gouache (white base, a bit of black and a drop of tan craft paint) and water, I tried to fade.
I also used my wife's embossing/heat gun to warm up the sides, so I can add a few dents & bulges.
I did two coats of Plaid clear spray gloss lacquer.

Using the above proto photo, I tried to letter it for CSX, but I didn't have exact same ones.  This will do,
until I get them, and then do a patch job. Kinda looks like a rush relettering, and will fit for my early 90's era.
Tonite, hopefully two coats of dullcoat and then grunge it up over the weekend!

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