18 November, 2015

Operation 'Kitty Overhaul' Part 2

So, in Part 2 of Operation "Kitty Overhaul", I started to take things down to 'parade rest', and first thing I found was the trucks and the notoriously over-lubricated condition.
The darned things were just covered in oil and grease.  So, following Mr. Garber's methods, everything was completely disassembled, dunked in a small bowl of 70% isopropyl alcohol, and sloshed around for about 30 minutes.  Then, one by one, I pulled each part out and scrubbed with an old toothbrush, checked for any debris or imperfections on truck side insides, bearing posts, and gears, dunked again in the alcohol, and then dried off, and left out on a paper towel, to let any residuals evaporate. After that, it was making the mods to the electrical connections for the trucks.

Comments added by Mike Garber, to show me what to do.

After doing this, I noticed the frame was too close quarters for trucks to swivel correctly with the soldered leads, so (not having a dremel or milling machine myself), I sent the truck sideframes and loco frame to Mike to make 'proper' clearances.  Took about a week to mail to him, the work completed, and send back to me.  Part 3 will cover my decaling on the shell, to give 'Kitty' a new lease on life.

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