24 July, 2015

Background Structures/Flats - Assembly Progress, Part 2

So, here's the other structure I'm working on.  It's a Pikestuff USA HO Scale Warehouse kit, which I wound up buying piecemeal thru sellers on eBay, as I didn't come up with a plan as to what would go in the space for The Roof Center (A Beacon Roofing Supply Company), which is a prototype business on my Bowman Center switching layout. The most significant mods to this kit so far, is to shorten the long walls by 13 scale feet and add a segment from the company's modular loading dock kit, for the back (rail) side.  I painted the building with a semi-gloss turquoise blue color, so I can decal and possibly letter it as appropriate.  Pixes of my progress so far:
1. Simple and will be 'good enough' of a placeholder for long term, until I figure out how to
scratch-build a more prototypical structure.

2. Figuring Roof out, as the prototype has a galvanized roof and ridge vents all over it.
Empty 'space' may have an exhaust vent installed, since it's over a 'garage' area.
I'm also thinking of having a perpendicular brick 'add-on', as a portion of the prototype building has something of a brick portion.  I don't know if it's showroom and office, or a straight office portion, but I think it would add some age/character, as well as frame in a 'courtyard' area.  Just a thought so far, as I want to put on the layout and see how it looks.

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