24 July, 2015

Background Structures/Flats - Assembly Progress Part 1

Been quite a while since I posted on here.  Seeing some of my friends' blogs and how they are describing such great work on their layouts, has 'shamed' me a little to assemble myself and get some posts up here, so I'll blitz a few up here over the next couple of days.
First post is the most recent - I'll go 'back in time' from here - I'm assembling a couple of structures that I hope to use on the switching layout.  First is the Monster Modelworks (www.monstermodelworks.com) HO Scale Bonded Storage Warehouse.  It is an amazing lasercut basswood backdrop 'flat' that has a level of detail I've not seen before, in the brick work.  Here's my photos:
1. Assembly is very easy and instructions were good with tips and tricks.
2.  I painted the structure black for the back (inside) and a Delta Ceramcoat Tomato Spice color for the brick.
I then used DAP Fast'N Final lightweight spackle (per suggestions by Pete LaGuardia in MR and the Scotty Mason Show Podcast), for the mortar. All I used were my fingers & thumb, to rub it on... looked great!
3. Finished the mortar, added the concrete-colored paint, and painted the black background for the stenciling. 

4. Jimmy Simmons made the Stencils from Avery Peel & Stick labels.  I applied one and
will hopefully drybrush the white on tonite.
My biggest question about this building is whether I want to put on some older (gooseneck style) lighting that actually light (using LEDs).  Otherwise, it's a great kit to practice techniques, get together quickly for a spot on your pike, or make into a nice diorama.  Either way, I suggest getting one!

Part 2 will be the other structure I'm working on...

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