09 January, 2015

Even Small Things Need A Little Planning

Not sure why I seemed so out of sorts on working on my little switching layout, but I knew I was.  I was listening to the Boss tell our daughter to 'write it all out on paper' and you'll get it out of your head and you can relax.  Aha!  That's what I was missing.  I thought I didn't need to, since the new layout is so small.  Well, I decided to take her advice.  So, using what I did for my Doswell Junction, I pared it down and have a 2 page to-do and shopping list for my Bowman Center Switching Layout. 

Is it complete?  Most-likely, no.  But, it's a start and I have this out of my head now, and I can add or delete as needed.  Plus, I can share with anyone who's coming over to help with doing scenery, or building, or... you name it.  I think it's something everyone should do, if you're not blessed with a photographic memory.  Let me know your email addy, and I can send you the word version, if you want a template.


Mike McNamara said...

Absolutely agree with this. Some say making lists is not a good activity, but I find also that it helps "empty" your head of certain things so you don't have to worry about forgetting about them later. On my layout I have a list at each location that details work to do and any items needed to buy. It definitely helps to have a plan, and crossing stuff off the list lets me take stock of where I am at any given time. And if I think of something new, I add it to that location's list. Similar lists make sense for other areas, like locomotive work and acquisitions. And before Springfield and such I can check these lists to see what items I might need to be on the look out for.

Norman Wolf said...

Thanks, Mike! It does help the PM in me.