02 September, 2014

Benchwork Done & Trackwork Started

Wow!  Hadn't realized how fast time flew by since my last posting here.  Summer's all but over, MARPM's right around the corner, and I'm in a bit of a frantic push to get ready for the 2nd RPM Meet.
I did manage to get a few things done on the layout.  Here's a sampling.
Benchwork done, fascia primed with 2 coats of Kilz.

Benchwork completed, with 3 coats of a semi-gloss green (dk olive?).

Using Lance's recommended method of securing the track to the foam via Elmer's white glue, I've started at the side where the cartridge will go, so we can have the train come from off-layout.

The Prototype (real) Bowman Center has several switches together, and that's where my work began.

Last night's additions of track.  I've been using some salvaged track & switches, with only a couple of new pieces of
flex-track and 3 switches.

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