02 September, 2014

A Little More Work

Tonight's work on the switching layout:
1) A few more pieces of flex track glued down. Need to be careful to do the backdrops first.

2) Cut two 14"x 40" pieces of .060" styrene and 'welded' them together (with a support piece behind), to make the first backdrop piece.  Got some sky blue Valspar spray paint, to give a primer coat tomorrow.  We'll do a 2nd coat, then 'blend' or airbrush a little white/lt grey, towards the bottom, to create a haze. Still unsure how to fasten to walls, so they won't do damage when removed (it's an apartment).

3) Bought a six-foot 1x6 and some floor trim, trimmed down to make a 4' cassette, as a removable, two-track staging. Will buy hinge for back leg tomorrow and then prime/paint the same color as fascia. Not heavy, but not light either. Should allow for two tracks to hold a switch engine and 4-5 cars each.

I'll try to update more frequently, as I get through things.

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