01 July, 2014

The Bowman Center - A Small Switching Layout

Well, the more Bob & I discuss, and the more I look on Google Maps, the more I think the Bowman Center will be the inspiration for a new Switching Layout, for me in our Apartment Dweller mode, starting in late July/early August.
Here's what Bob has been able to do, carving out a few moments on a business trip.

I may get a few more square inches of space, to the left of the tank farm/transload facility, based on how we set up my wife's craft station, which may allow for an additional industry in the back spur, as well as a spur coming forward of the tanks.  I may also 'move' Mid-Atlantic Foam to the back, as a non-rail served industry, and use their spur as a low height industry, like a scrap yard, a la Lance Mindheim (www.shelflayouts.com).  His books have been very interesting and educational.  Check them out at Lance's Amazon.com page.
And, here's a few screen captures from Google Maps/Earth I grabbed of the Bowman Center.
Crossing - click to enlarge

Long view - click to enlarge

'True North' view - click to enlarge
I'm beginning to see the benefits of an industrial park/small switching layout, over a bigger Layout - it's not going to take long to get up and running, it doesn't require a lot of special signaling, detecting, or wiring, and can be detailed to make it look great, while still being fun operationally.  And, I can build this, enjoy it, and possibly sell it when we move (in 2-4 years).  Can't wait to get down there and get started!

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