26 July, 2014

Benchwork Started

With a pre-move visit this weekend to our new apartment, I took a little time to put up the brackets, hollow-core doors, and cut the 1" foamboard to fit.  Again, this was basic and easy installation, following Lance Mindheim's step by step instructions in his book. The height of the top of the doors is 36", which allows me room underneath, to work on wiring with easy reach above my head, and eventually add some storage shelving and for the Digitrax DCC System.
Hidden by the door, is a wall outlet, and I used that to find the 16" spaced studs, to place three shelf brackets.

Here's all brackets and hollow-core doors in place. 

Used one Lowe's 1" Foam Insulation Board, I cut piece
 (using my Leatherman knife blade, since I don't have all my tools down here yet)!

View from the room entry way.  Daylene's craft desk is in the bottom-
left corner, so there's nice room to walk in and the center is free.

View showing the six brackets (three for each door), and a 1x4
(cut down) to mate the two doors together.

View looking from the room's window.  Looks like there will be room for
TWO Operators, if it all works out.

I'm going to keep each 'module' as individual pieces, so they can be quickly disassembled (and possibly sold to another train fanatic) if & when the time comes to relocate again.  May get the foam glued down before I leave for the return trip and pack up/pick up at our 'old' home.  Glad to be starting a new layout, and it shows anyone can have a bit of "train haven", even in a small living space.


Shannon Crabtree said...

Great start Norm! Looks like when you get settled you ready for some track laying. Good luck with it!

Nate said...

Good progress so far. I plan to use the same techniques and will continue to follow your posts. Only thing I've considered doing differently is instead of the wall brackets going below the table have them go above. This way I can attach a back drop and hopefully a valance above the layout for lighting and dust protection. Keep up the good work!