17 June, 2014

Industrial Switching Layout - continued

Thanks to good information from Bernie K (Alkem Scale Models - www.alkemscalemodels.com) about the differences in types of Paper Mills (see his comments on my previous post), I've decided that Bear Island really isn't going to be an operationally interesting industry, to turn into a switching layout.  So, while the benchwork dimensions stay the same, I am looking into other things along my chosen Railroad, the Richmond, Fredericksburg, & Potomac RR, at least as a start to come up with a 'Protolanced' or Prototype-based layout, with some creative license to make it interesting and believable.
Panoramic shot by R.W. Dawson, used on Google Earth

Wide Angle shot, by R.W. Dawson, used on Google Earth
Enter in the Bowman Center, a small industrial Park in Spotsylvania Co.  Currently, it is home to a few small industries, such as a trans-load facility, a microbrewery, a roofing co. (not sure if it's rail-served, yet) as well as the Rappahannock Chapter of the NRHS & Railway Workers Museum (http://www.rcnrhs.com/).
Here's a video I shot of a local working the Bowman, back on a windy day in Feb of 2011 (forgive sound quality - used my Android phone):

 As is customary with Mr. Sprague, he's asked some good questions, did a little research and has already came up with a draft track plan for a proposed switching layout.
The Bowman Center (in HO Scale), Version 1.1, by Robert Sprague
So far, it's looking good.  It may need some embellishment and/or creative license here or there, to really make it operationally and visually interesting.  Bernie K had a look, he commented it's a good plan, achievable in a small space and short time, and can be detailed well to really make it pop.  I guess it's time to make a trip over there (since it's 10 minutes from our soon-to-be sold home), before we head south.

As always, sincere thanks go to the experienced and those with creative minds.  And, it proves that this is a social hobby, as there are many talented folks out there who love to share in the hobby.

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