30 May, 2014

Tear Down the Layout - We Iz Movin'!

Yep. You read that right! The Engines and Rolling Stock are being boxed up, and the Layout will come down next month, as we prepare the house for sale. My job is moving further South, so it looks like I'll be 'trainless' for a while. Not to fear, the Boss (COMNAVHOMELANT, the Better Half, etc) has agreed that we need to include a layout room in any house or apartment we go to. I got a winner there. In the meantime, here's a recent Railfan Pix I took, while coming back north from a vacay in South Carolina. The location is Selma, NC and it was neat to railfan around the Train station, as there's an active diamond and wye there. CSX, NS (and "Guests"), and Amtrak were all there to put on quite a show while they worked.

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