09 December, 2013

Update Part Deux - Modeling Space after Craft Space

So, in mid-October, our middle child got married out in Utah.  That took up quite a bit of time & resources (mental and physical) for the wife mostly - I was merely a supporting player.
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (no, really).

It was worth it though, as she was a gorgeous bride and she married a good man (whom I hope to 'corrupt' at some point, and make him a train lover).  They're a very cute and loving couple, and the Missus is happy it's all done & over.  This allowed us to relax & have some fun.  However, our office (aka, the Craft room for my wife) was a disaster and needed some work.  So, after trying a few things, we got it set up more to her liking.
The Missus' 'Haven' for mental breaks - "A Happy Wife is a Happy Life"
An additional, folding table work space for her sewing projects,
or my modeling when she's doing other crafts. I started a kit!  Note: Beautiful, Red Box kit is from my Honey
 - an early Christmas present!
As you can see from the above photos, it's a much better place to work at... and so I started on a Fos Scale Limited kit we bought a few years back, Elliott Clay Works & Pottery.  Working on and off a couple of nights a week, I got it done yesterday, thanks in part to no church due to the ice storm.

It was a neat little kit to get back to kit building.Hope to do some on the layout in the coming days and Christmas break.

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