09 December, 2013

Update on... a lot! Part 1

It's been a while since I posted on here (almost 3 months ago).  After MARPM '13, I kinda slowed things down in my Hobby realm, as life took on more of a busy tone - a child's wedding in mid-October & half-way across the country took a big chunk of time, along with caring for elderly parents, etc.  Time to update.

Back in early November, I had the good fortune to operate with Shan C & Bob S on Ralph DeBlasi's Lehigh Valley Wyoming Division, a HUGE HO Scale layout.  Here's a few pixes, taken by me or Ralph.

Ken Hamilton 'sniffs' out his D&H Train, as it heads downhill.

The 'characters' of the Op Session - Ralph's wife took this one!

The Meister is showing us the layout's operating characteristics, before things start.

Shan Crabrtree is on the radio to the Dispatcher, as his Local works its way uphill.

One Big Bee!  An SD45 in the Reading Lines Bee Service Scheme, with one of the many
LV paint schemes behind it - SNAZZY!

The Cement Factory on the layout - I believe Ralph Scratch-built the Cyclone fan structure in the back.

Two of my Idols in the Hobby - Ken Hamilton and Scott Mason. Both great modelers & great guys!

I'll make another post shortly, to continue my catch -up!

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