28 December, 2013

Modification to the C&O Loop and Paper Mill

I must admit that I was not happy with the arrangement I had for my Bear Island Paper Mill.  I tried 'mocking' the buildings on both sides of the C&O 'mainline' into staging, to see if that would work, but it just didn't.  So, I decided I was going to modify the corner of layout, where the paper mill would eventually go, to tighten the curve of C&O track, moving it closer to the coved backdrop, and giving me a little more foreground space. See below.
Mock-up of the Walthers Paper Mill building.  Won't fit as it is.

Another view, and it shows there's room behind the building, if I move the track.

Overview, showing the mainline and how much it can move to the back.

In for a penny... I started taking up track (first time for me!)

New flex-track is being tacked in place, as I remove the paper mill sidings.

All gone! Salvaged only one of two Walthers 6.5 RH Curved Turnouts. Dang it!
I will take more pixes, as I get closer to being done, but I feel a taller, brick building, with all sorts of tanks around it, will hide the trains going into staging much better.  I also feel that even with the turnouts moving closer to the crossing/junction (most unprototypical, that!), it will give a better operational situation, easily reachable, AND I might be able to add a third spur, to allow for boxcars in the building, kaolin tank cars on one spur and wood chip hoppers on another.  We shall see what we can fit, w/o being completely unrealistic.

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