27 December, 2013

Holiday Greetings & Weathering Update

A little late, but a Merry Christmas, as well as an early Happy New Year,  to one & all!!!  I'm thankful for your friendship, interest, and responses to my irregular posts.  May you have good things to come in 2014!

Okay, as of late, I've been in another freight car weathering binge. Finished up a weathering job for Bob S on an RBOX Car, that I decaled a while back, using oil paints and a little weathering powders.

When I went to the October Great Scale Model Train Show with Shan, I found a gently used Atlas RF&P EV Caboose, so I grabbed it and renumbered it #903, pre-Red Scheme, to have three of the eight cabs.

Once the bug bit, I grabbed a few more.  First, there was an Athearn 'Blue Box' quad hopper that needed renumbering.

Once that was done & dull coat was drying, I decided to weather two others that had been already renumbered and got them done & out.

When I brought those back down, I found another decaled and renumbered one I 'missed', so I had to grab that one and get crankin'.  I think this one is my best to date (lucky, is more like it). Still needs a couple more passes with the weathering powder, on the ends, to blend things together and look even closer to prototypical (see background photo).

Since oil paints take a day or two to really set up, I decided that my Christmas presents needed to get started, so I pulled two of four old Walthers 40' Funnel Flow Tank Cars (Kaolin for my Paper Mill), and gloss coated two of them for renumbering (I have two of the same two numbers made). I will also have to 'white out' some other stencils, to back date them to 1980-81.

 I know I've said it before, but it is worth repeating:  If you haven't started weathering freight cars, you need to get on it, first by watching Scotty Mason's Weathering Freight Car How-To DVDs and then try it yourself!  You can get them through www.scottymason.com and Mike Rose Hobbies (Volume 1, featuring Mike), www.mrhobby.com.

I will do another post tomorrow, of the work I've started for the 'facsimile' of Bear Island Paper, including the track modifications, intermingled with all this freight car weathering frenzy.

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