23 September, 2013

MARPM '13 Is In the Rear View Mirror

Wow!  It's hard to believe that the first Mid-Atlantic RPM Meet is already done & gone for over a week!  It was an interesting challenge, to put on a show with only 6 months of prep work.  However, with supreme efforts by Shannon Crabtree, Robert Sprague, Butch Eyler, Michael Duggan and (last, but certainly not least), my Lovely (Daylene) and our daughter, Ida, along with "Chef Christie", this show went off with only a few minor challenges and those 70+ people that attended all enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  We hope to do an even bigger & better job next year, as several attendees had great suggestions and some even volunteered to assist!  I cannot thank our Clinicians, Vendors, Volunteers, and Attendees enough for making this a great success and we hope to make it an annual event in the state of Virginia.

Here are some pixes that the Wolf Pack took, while at the show.  More can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MARPM/ and our ever-growing web page, http://www.marpm.org.


BackOnTrack said...

Just visited your blog for the first time, very nice work! I was particularly impressed with the weathering. Do you have a track plan posted somwhere or did I miss it? I'm working on an HO scale shelf/switching layout myself and blogging about it. Progress is slow with a one year old in the house but you can follow along here: http://westtorontojunction.blogspot.ca/. Looking forward to your updates.

Norman Wolf said...

Thanks! I will certainly check your blog out & I'll have to repost the track plan on the blog, shortly!

Craig Lockridge said...

This was all that and then some was there box cars for sale i would like to buy some that stuff you know what I'm saying keep up the good work.