16 August, 2013

Foreground Work Leads to Background Work

First, let me share the photos of my work on the Gravel Dump/Freight House Tracks:
Mixed sifted baseball diamond dirt, fine sand, and #50 ballast and spread it out.  Did the Alcohol wetting, 50/50 Elmer's Glue/Water mix, and walked away (before I screwed it up).

Next morning's results. I think it looks pretty good.  May need to add a sprinkle here or there, but not bad.
Up close, showing the 'grain' of the mixed stuff.  I like it!
So, after that, I looked at the incomplete scene and saw that 'ugly pink' color in the background (too much, too long on the layout), and decided that I needed to get on that quickly, before my resolve (and my back!) would give out. So, I carved some 3/4" pink foam up, asked my wife how it looked and with her okay, proceeded to glop Sculptamold stuff in front of her pretty nicely painted backdrop. I ran out of earth paint, so I tinted it so much.  I will get more tomorrow and give it all a coat of earth, if it's dry (the fan's blowing air on it, overnight).
Ugh!  I'm tired of the pinkness on my layout!  Time to get crackin'! 
Even while wet, the browns and greens look better than the bare pink insulation foam.

Good, bad, or indifferent, I'm making progress, which I feel is better than trying to get everything perfect.  Allen McClelland's "Good Enough" is starting to take hold in my brain.

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