15 August, 2013

Filling In Some Track to 'Level the Field'

Tuesday, I decided to take a break from my scenery/ballast work, and try something I saw veteran Paul Dolkos and MR Associate Editor David Popp do in several MR articles. Filling in space around and between rails, so my Freight house and gravel dump tracks will look level/buried with the surrounding lot, but the rails will still be elevated. Dunno how I will succeed, but certainly worth a try.  Here's my first step.  I used a thin sheet cork found in rolls at Staples, that I think works great - it's good to use against curved track, etc.  Simple to glue down with Elmer's Wood Glue.

Next, I wasn't sure if there is a neater way to do this, but last night I 'pulled the trigger' and used lightweight joint compound to fill in the gaps between the ties. I also filled in some gaps & holes on cork, and tried to flair any sudden/sharp edges caused by the cork. I tried putty knives, scrap styrene, etc, but mostly used my finger tips and had a little cup of water that I dipped them in often, as the stuff dried up. 

Tonite, I hope it's all dry enough to coat with a WS Earth colord paint, then get on to laying down some dirt.  Here's a prototype photo, taken by Paul Dolkos in April, 1969 of the Doswell Freight House.

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