01 July, 2013

Super Trees Are A-Comin'! And, MARPM!

Ordered a 'starter' box of Super Trees from Scenic Express, but haven't made the time to open and try them out.  Marty McGuirk mentioned there's a way to straighten them, using the side of a soldering iron, but I'm not sure of the method (yet). Hope to get to those some time soon.

Also, been a while, but I was working on five Athearn RTR 40' Wood Chip Hoppers (tuning trucks, adding Consolidated Stencils, whisker couplers, etc) and two Accurail FMC Chemical Covered Hoppers, for some weathering projects.  No pixes as of yet, but I hope to have some good pixes for my next update.

Finally, most of my free time has been involved with my family or prepping for the Mid-Atlantic RPM Meet.  If you haven't been to www.marpm.org, you're missing out on a lot!  Check it out & register online for the innaugural show!


Bernie said...

I recommend getties copies of Gordon Gravett's model tree books for some state-of-the-art tree making ideas.

Norman Wolf said...

Hard to get, but will give a try. Amazin doesn't have them...