28 July, 2013

Slow and Steady - It Doesn't Win A Race, but Does Build A Layout

On occasion, I get a little frustrated with my slow or lack of progress, on my layout. I know I shouldn't, as this is a lifelong hobby, and just a hobby. But, then I look through the lens and see what is there, or on the rare occasion when my Lovely comes in to see what I am doing, and what I call the "Wow Factor" comes back and I get a little boost. Sometimes, I pull up a picture folder of early construction photos and see how far I have come in just a few short years.  First is from almost 4 years ago.

The next was taken in December of 2010.

This one was taken last Tuesday (07/23/13)

And, now where I am (just Yesterday). More scenery added, including ballast on the staging tracks, more greenery on the road, and a guard rail to 'protect' the main line. The second shot, is showing what I did with the ballast, to cover all the pink & blue foam! An experimental shot, using Photoshop elements, to clean up my poor picture taking skills.

So, when you feel you're not making any progress, make sure you take some time and go look at your progress... it'll really surprise you!

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