11 July, 2013

One Night Project

After a bout with some unknown malady, I finally felt up to getting a little modeling done and decided to try something easy, but still something I've wanted to do for a while. A one nite project by Charlie Comstock, from an old Model Railroad Hobbyist e-mag (check out www.mrhmag.com, if you aren't already a fan of this FREE e-mag). It so happens that I received my bag of Northeastern Scale Lumber HO ties yesterday, so I used a razor saw to give a little grain to the ties, then dyed with an A&I first, then used the Micro-mark brown stain. Overall, it took about 7 innings (of tonite's Nats win/redemption) to get it done.

I may consider doing a couple of smaller piles, to put here and there on the layout, maybe some strewn about (a la C&O and CSX's practices), to add a little flavor to scenery.

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