25 July, 2013

Keeping up on the Layout Work

It sometimes seems tedious to get the ballast and ground cover down, but then you step back and see how much you've gotten done, and you get pretty stoked!

Cleaned up some JL Innovative Design Castings & assembled a Grandt Line kit of Electrical Sheds.
They are read for Priming.

Primed and painted upper parts with Floquil Gun Metal.

First were some details.  Then, while they were drying, went back to the layout.
More Ballasting of the Staging tracks.

More ballasting on the C&O Piedmont. 
And, last night, I was able to paint some white Sculptamold (applied a year ago!) a WS Earth color, just to cover it up the stark color.  Seeing all the pink & blue foam still exposed, I decided to mix up some some Sculptamold (this time, tinted with the leftover earth color paint) and started to put it on the layout.  Pix to follow, when I get it all done (and our 'new' purchase, a used Canon Digital Rebel is learned to use).

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