03 February, 2013

The Devil's In the Details!

They say the Devil in the details, and I believe it! Unfortunately, my fingers aren't suited very well for assembling this stuff. Neither, are my eyes.  But, I am making the attempt (and hoping weathering powders will hide any mistakes! :o)

Anyways, from Left to Rt: Hi-tech Details Dumpsters (styrene), Paw of A Bear Work Tables (laser cut card stock & paper), and Woodland Scenics Fuel Stands (white metal). Each kit is made of different materials, which required three different adhesives, and all were a bit challenging.  But, I think they will add a lot to the layout and the structures and scenes.

Also, I worked on some other detail parts this past weekend, and since we're on the topic, I'll showcase them as well.
Tichy 55-gallon oil drums (styrene). Just used primed grey and used craft acrylics.

A Sierra West Scale Models Resin Detail casting.  I used both craft & polly scale acrylics and bragdon's weathering powders.

I also worked on some BEST white metal detail parts and the JL Innovative Designs fuel pumps are being mounted on a cardboard cut out, with styrene 'bumping posts'.
Once I get a bunch of these finished and ready, I'll continue scenicking the layout and working on detailing scenes as I go.
I obviously have a lot to do on the layout, but here's a progress shot of my last work session.
Ballasted the gravel plant track and placed the car loader.


Jeff Hayes said...

Looks like a great layout. Do you have a trackplan? What towns along the old RF&P are you planning to model? Looking forward to future posts.

The Train Fanatic said...

Thanks for commenting Jeff! The layout is focused on Doswell Junction, down in Hanover Co., as well as surrounding industries. It's an 11'x13' layout and the track plan is in a previous post.