29 January, 2013

Making a Scene - or, Several

A little late, but a very Happy New Year to my followers and readers.  Hope things have started off well for you.  The Wolf Pack is always busy with something, so 2013 has started off that way as well, with planning for our #2 child's wedding.  My poor wife has been going crazy after #1 child's mid-December wedding and now she's made it through the Holiday season and is in full gear for the mid-March nuptials. 

So, leaving her alone (as a smart Husband should), I wandered down into the basement for some model railroading and decided it was high time for scenery to take prescedence in my to-dos.I am blessed to have good friends who have talent and experience.  I scheduled a work session with one of them, Bob Sprague, and was surprised by the appearance of another, Scott Mason way back on the 27th of December.  We got started and got a lot more than just sculptamold, ground goop, and paint down.  Pixes are worth many words, so here it goes.

Bob working on the scenicking on the left side.

Scott adding rocks to enhance the scene, before flocking.

Two very talented modelers at work.

After the first coat of ground goop and flocking.
Day's mountain went from white sculptamold to looking a little more like a mountain!

The Layout as of 27 Dec, 2012
It was a very productive day and fun was had by all three of us (I actually did more than gawk & take pictures, by working on structures). I can't thank these fine gents enough for their help and service.

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Phil D said...

Heard you on MRC177. Good to see the scenery coming along nicely.