25 December, 2012

Merry Christmas! Finalized some freight cars!

First and Foremost:  A very Merry Christmas to one and all.  And, my best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Santa was nice to me once again, as my (new) Daughter In Law & son bought me a 2013 Freight Train Calendar, with many awesome pixes of modern diesels slugging it out with long consists.  Scott Hartley is one of the Photographers and he's one of my favorites.

I also received the newest DVDs from Model-trains-video.com (http://model-trains-video.com), the Allagsh Railway, Scenery Modeling Outside the Box (with Mike Confalone).  It's a two DVD set and I can't wait to dig into his techniques and amazing layout work.

Finally, after all in my family were gifted and fed, and a brief after breakfast nap, I headed down to the Man Cave and finished up three cars of a 'five car set' I custom decaled for my Gravel/Aggregate business.  Here are some pixes, as they are (hopefully) ready to serve customers.

Sprague's Gravel 44-tonner, leased from the Virginia Midland (Shannon Crabtree's Road).  I weathered the trucks and stacks.

Some different approaches towards fading and weathering.

To show a little change, I lettered this one as if it's been completely refurbished and has a new scheme.  I also put Kato roller bearing trucks (the bearing end caps actually rotate!).

A little crustier and worn out, even though it was serviced in the late 70's.  I like how the rust spots came out on the interior.
More weathering may be in their future, as they operate and I scenick the layout, so it will blend a bit.  Next up though, is the actual Glacier Gravel Plant... time to muck it up a bit!

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Shannon Crabtree said...

Good looking hoppers Norm! You will love the DVD set you picked up. Mike C. does a great job on both of them. I picked up several techniques from the DVD's and only have watch about half of each.