03 November, 2012

Weathering Frenzy!

I attended the Annual (read: last of the year) Meeting of the RF&P RR Historical society,  which is usually well attended. I wanted to display some HO rolling stock weathered, so I broke out the tools, brushes and paints and got three cars completely done. The first was an Atlas Extended Vision Caboose, #905. Next was an Accurail Dbl Door boxcar conversion to model a rare prototype, #1201. Finally, an Athearn 'blue box' 40' flatcar for the Southern Railway. Let me know what you think.


Mike said...

I like them, wish I had the skills to do that but I am afraid I'll mess up my rolling stock.

The Train Fanatic said...

It is easier than you think. It really is a matter of getting over the fear of trying and practicing on "junk" rolling stock. My best resources are the Weathering Freight Cars DVDs, by Scott Mason. Check out www.ScottyMason.com