25 November, 2012

Local "Iron Horse" Sent Out for Repairs After Electronics Failures!

Doswell, VA - The RF&P had to send venerable SW-1500 #91 off home tracks after a complete control system failure. In an attempted cost saving measure, current Chief of Operations N. Wolf had a recent low cost upgrade from DC to DCC control systems performed on the locomotive, overseen by the local business Dewey, Screwem, and Howe, Elektrical KunTroll Systums. Lead Enjunear (aka Troll) Spike M Hard, convinced Mr. Wolf, "Arn! This jobz sew E-Z, yer can dood it yerself (almost)!" And while the loco came to Doswell Junction DCC ready, once the upgrade began, it seems to not want to work at all any more; This couldn't come at a worse time, with plenty of need for her pulling power on the Acca-Doswell Local. So, in deference to the adage, 'There is always time and money to do it right the 2nd time!', #91was sent up dead tow in a dedicated UPS unit train to Traintek LLC (www.traintekllc.com), located in Waltham, MA. There, head Specialist Gary Paulino assured Mr. Wolf she'll get a thorough groom of her electronics, control, lighting, and (if affordable) sound systems. When asked for comment from Mr. Wolf on his status, the Chief Financial Officer, Mrs. D Wolf said, "He's unavailable for comment, due to a serious case of  'In the Dog House', until further notice!" The Railroad's hope is to see #91 back on home rails and in service before year's end.  No word on their hopes for Mr. Wolf...
Photos (below) by Warren Calloway and Athearn/Horizon Hobby

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