04 August, 2012

Boxcar Kitbash (Update), final Decaling of Pusher, and Operating Systems Development

I wanted to giveUpdate on my Kitbash of an Accurail #5411 Boxcar kit, from what the Mfr. thinks it was supposed to be, to a model of a rare (10 car only) prototype boxcar, for my railroad (RF&P). All the decals and cutting are done. Now to dullcoate/seal it and then start some light weathering.

In addition, I finsihed the lettering on the Sprague's Gravel Co. Pusher Car.  It needs some serious weathering, using Rust-All & Wx'ng Powders, but overall it looks pretty cool.

I also started creating an operating system, to try and get something going on my layout.  I've been frustrated that I can't really see the Operations on the Doswell Junction.  Since I've got the Micro-Mark Car Cards & Waybills (CC&WB), I am going to try what Mark Frysztacki is using on his Pensy RR Northern Division.  It's a pretty interesting read, so check it out at
http://home.comcast.net/~prrndiv/ccandwb.html.  If you've tried it, let me know what you think.

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