05 July, 2012

Change in Ownership

I decided that the subjects from my experiment on airbrushing would have some use, even in a limited way, for the layout (present or future).  So, I took the old, Athearn Quad Hopper, painted for the B&O (blt in 1927), and update it a bit, for a new, somewhat more modern owner, using some Prototype methods.  I figured that it'd be perfect as a pusher car, in service at the Sprague's Gravel Co., so the little loco that Shan's painting for SGCX will stay out of the dump areas for gravel. 

So far, all I've done, was to weather it intially with a grimy black, then start adding decals to 'patch out' the old B&O logos and reletter/renumber using Microscale Decals & Micro-Sol, in the SGCX set up.  Here's where I'm with it, so far:

So far, I've used the black Trim Film, the set with white stencil-type letters, and the Consolidated Stencil Plates (early).  Now, the car shows some history.  An Ex-B&O Hopper, with old Journal Bearing trucks, will have a few more years of service, giving Sprague's Gravel Co. a cheap way to keep the little loco out of harm's way.  The black patch out of the main logo, renumbering, and adding the inspection location date (C&O's Fulton Yard, Jan 1968), plus the Journal's repacked in 1972, give some sense to what it is being used for and what path it took, to get there.  I want to add some "NO LOADING" Lettering or signage on both sides, so it let's the workers (i.e. Operators) know this car never goes out on the road.  I'll seal it all with Dullcote, then try some Alcohol weathering, then use some Rust-All to Grunge it up a bit...

More to follow.

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