17 June, 2012

RF&P #124 Back from the Paint Shop

Yesterday, GP-40 RF&P #124 was hostled back to home rails, after receiving a back-paint job from Shannon Crabtree, owner & operator of the Virginia Midland Shops (http://virginiamidlandrr.blogspot.com/). It came in a post-'83 scheme and I wanted to see it done right.  Shan did the following:
-new RF&P block decals
-fire cracker antenna & becon on the roof
-orange reflectors on side sill
-painted hand railing ends gray
-Cut off the foot boards on front and back
-added rear vent (a VMS exclusive part)
-silver on the mu hoses to "touch them up"
-added missing lift rings on the roof
-covered the RF&P emblem on nose
Looks just great, with slight weathering and the block letters.

Two RF&P locos heading around the bend at Laskey's Cabinet Company.

GP-7 #102 is paired up with GP-40 #124 on Track 3.
Shan's pixes on his layout can be seen at http://www.pbase.com/vamidlandrr/norm_wolfs_backdated_rfp_gp40_124.  Lookin' good in my book! Many thanks to Shan.  Next out to the VA Midland Shops is GE 44 Tonner ex-WM #76 will be 'painted out' to... well, we'll see.

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