27 June, 2012

The Beginning of the End! (I bought an Airbrush)

Well, I finally broke down and confronted my fear of the unknown (and the drain on my bank account) and bought an airbrush rig.  Not the better one I wanted (an Iwata Eclipse and Smart Jet Compressor, from my friend Scott Mason), but something a little more frugal, and probably better for the "Noob" (me).  I got a Paasche H-Set.  Basically, a single action, siphon fed, along with a Harbor Freight-Central Pneumatic 1/8HP Airbrush Compressor.  I even bought the better Aluminum handle for the brush and an Iwata Cleaning Station.  Here's some pixes for any of my readers who are in the same state of fear I was in, if you're thinking about what to get, to start out.
This anodized Aluminum handle is heavier than the plastic one that comes with the brush - helps balance it a bit, and is more comfortable (the notches help, so I'm told).

The Paasche H-Set, from Amazon.com, was under $50!  Not a bad deal for a first brush.

This compressor was on sale and with the online coupon, I got an additonal 20% off.  Really not any louder than an Iwata, but Scott says they are notorious for quickly burning out.  Will let you know.
After picking up all this stuff, I then scrounged around for what I'd make my painting stand from.  I received a Spray Booth from my Honey for my Birthday (Pacepaintbooths.com - the Super-Mini), so I needed to build a stand.  I found a piece of bench work that I took the legs off (basically a 1x4 box with 3/8" plywood on it) and went out and found the straightest 2x3x96" lumber the Home Depot had, got two and cut them in half, for my four legs.  I used leftover 1x4s pieces I had for braces and some scrap plywood to make a shelf in the bottom, for paints, boxes, etc.  I also added a screw for the car holder and a .97 cent paper towel rack, for the eventual messes I'll make.  Here's a pix (click on it, to make it larger, so you can see the details).
Norm's painting station -with all the bells & whistles.
As you can see, I found two 'victim' cars, to test this whole 'airbrushing thingy' out. I'll post my first attempt at airbrushing in a following post, to make this stuff easier to read (and bear!).

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Joe said...

Thanks for taking one for the join team Norm. Keep us updated on the pro's and con's of your set up.