01 May, 2012

Side Project: Double Tracked Programming Track

Recently, I started rewatching Joe Fugate's DVD on wiring your layout and programming your locos (DCC) using DecoderPro by JMRI. Because of that, I have been playing with the idea of creating a longer & more useful programming & test track.  In my case, TRACKS.  I decided on a two-track, 6' long setup, to allow me to do speed matching for multi-loco lashups (aka Consisting) AND, with installing a Double Pole, Double Throw switch, I can set it so they are either both "program tracks" or both as programming on the main.

Here's my progress so far (click to enlarge):
A 1x6x6', with my very last pieces of Homabed glued down (using wood glue)

After spray painting with some leftover flat black, I used some Atlas Code 100 Flex Track (thanks Marty!)
glued down with clear latex adhesive caulk.  I then ran the RibbonRail straight guages, to ensure
the tracks would be straight. Thanks to Bob Sprauge for showing me the little beauties!

A view as it's drying.  Next steps are to add wiring, switch, and set up to mount my
Digitrax Zephyr adjacent to the tracks.
There is still much to do, but I should be done by the weekend.  That is, if I don't decide to ballast the tracks, so I can use with a small piece of Luan Backdrop, for pixes. Hmmm... the possibilities.

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