01 May, 2012

Paint & Machine Shop Assignments

Roster Shot (as of March, 2012)

Recently, I sent one of my locos off my 'road to a nearby repair and paint shop, ably run by Wayne Dennis. ACL U30B # 976 (a Proto 2000 Ltd Edition - factory DCC & Sound Equipped) is getting a modified radiator, correct trucks (ACL used EMD turn-in unit trucks), a few corrected details, new chip, and a new paint job

P2K U30B ACL #976.
She will become C&O U30B 8209 (proto photo below).  Wayne had some C&O Blue and got the decals. Should be done in a month or so.  Looking forward to consisting her with Chessie (C&O) U23B 2314 (an Atlas, DCC only-equipped unit).
Photo courtesy of the Applachian Railroad Modeling, Photo Gallery Page - Dan Bourque collection

The RF&P's Doswell Junction recently procured thanks to the Eagle Eyes of one Mr. Marty McGuirk, part time agent for the RF&P, a GP40 (RF&P #142). However, it's seems to be in some futuristic paint scheme, which doesn't sit well with the CEO and Chief Bottlewasher, being that we're still in the Summer of 1980 around here.
Atlas Stock Photo
It is going to be quickly hustled (or should I say Hostled) off to another paint shop on Saturday, while the RF&PRR Historical Society meets (and distracts the members), to Shannon Crabtree's Virginia Midland Shops, for some 'back dating' (decals, along with a few other minor changes). See Proto Photo below

Picture by Warren Calloway

Hopefully, it too will be back in service by month's end.  She'll start taking up her position behind GP7 #102, or even behind SW-1500 #91, based on the needs of Dispatcher at Doswell Junction.

More possible changes are afoot, but we will wait to send any more out, so we don't get too power short and have to resort to short term leasing from another nearby line.

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