21 December, 2011

Dec 20th Work Session & New Friends in Model Railroading

Well, it's been almost a month since I updated the blog, mainly because of travel and lots of work happenings.  Now, with our kids coming home for the holidays, it may even become more challenging to do some updating, so I thought I'd share a brief progress report and publicly thank some wonderfully selfless people.

Last Saturday, I had a work session with veteran modeler Michael Duggan, as well as new Model Railroader and co-worker Tim Lynch and a new friend in the hobby, Wayne Dennis.  All three had great dedication and patience with me as we did some basic scenery work and installed five challenging Blue Point Turnout Controllers under the benchwork.  If I had to do it all over, I'd still use these turnout controllers, but I'd have done a more thorough job of understanding how they get installed AND also not used a full plywood sheet for my sub-base; cleats & risers on the next layout!

Here's just a few photos of us hamming it up for the camera, toward the end of the session.  Big progress was made & it was really fun for all involved (at least I HOPE it was fun - we all lingered around, chit-chatting and they left with smiles).  I am probably going to work solo thru Christmas, then off on more work travel; hope to have another work session after the New Year begins.  And, camera shy as always, my Lovely did an amazing job feeding us and when she wasn't doing eight other things in preps for Christmas, she came down, started doing some railroad-themed decorating in the basement and if that wasn't enough, did a little painting on the backdrop (pixes coming shortly)!  I LOVE THIS WOMAN!

Again, a big thanks to "DA KREW" for bringing the layout that much closer to operating!

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