05 November, 2011

Modeling a prototype freight car for my RF&P layout

I was looking through prototype photos of RF&P Rolling stock, to find one that would help me accurately model Accurail's recent kit, #5411, the 50' Db. Plug Dr. Boxcar, RF&P #2546.

It is a satisfactory kit, but (not surprisingly), it looks like they took the paint scheme for one type of car & applied it to another. The model has offset double doors and roof walks, whereas the prototype cars of that number series has doors were more centered on the sides and no roof walks.  Below is pix of one that's supposedly close to the series (photographer, location, and date unknown).

So, looking for a more accurate prototype, I found the below pix (photographer, date, & location unknown) of #1202, which looks closer to what Accurail has provided. One big diff is the type of car - 1202 isn't plug door and the doors are a different style (what, I don't know - can anyone tell me?). Still, I've decided to model this series, and am looking for more information on it or one of its sister cars.  Can anyone tell me when they were purchased and when no longer used by the railroad? How many & what series (i.e. 1201-????)? What revenue service were they used in, since they were DF/Cushion? Anyone have other pixes of this or another in the series? 

So far, all I've done was remove the roof walk and the bottom stirrups.  I glued the posts from the roofwalks into the holes, to start filling in.

Still need to remove the ladders on the sides (may leave the brakewheel and the end ladder high, as the RF&P did this on occasion).  I need to get some number decals, some other doors (anyone have a good source for aftermarket, HO-scale boxcar doors?), ladders, and stirrups.  Lots to do, but I'll try to stay focused on this project and see to completion.

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