02 September, 2011

Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill... well cardboard, really!

That's right, even though the real location doesn't have mountains, and barely has hills west of it, we are putting a mountain up... whether it stays up, that's another story.  We're trying Dave Frary's method of using a cardboard strip lattice, to make a lightweight mountain frame. Pixes below.

The original objective, was to have a mountain fill up a big, open space at the back of the layout.  The 'mountain' would somewhat flat plateau, to allow my wife to build and put n-scale structures up on the mountain.  That didn't seem to work out very well.  One problem, is that the backdrop is coved and I think that makes it sit funny. I think this will be redone, but the Boss needs to see it in person, before I do anything else.  More to follow.

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