31 August, 2011

Op Test (of sorts)!

Well, I hit a major milestone tonight.  All the wiring on the layout is done.  All or most all pieces of track and switches have feeers connected to the bus on both loops.  After getting them connected an a quick cleaning of the track (where I was soldering leads), I fired up each & every loco and ran them on the layout.  They worked with a drag of 5-6 cars each.  Then, getting brave (because I was operating solo), I ran two trains, both on Track #2 & #3 of the RF&P loop.  They also ran well, for about five minutes.  So, getting really 'crazy' I decided that I'd run three trains, one on the C&O Single Track & the two on the RF&P double track.  Here's a quick (2 minute clip):

While it's a basic video (and cheesy) using my Droid, I post this link now, for your viewing pleasure.  This was awesome!  At least for a newbie like me.  Now I need to start cleaning up, finishing track ties and and getting ready to develop an operating scheme, so I can actually start operating the layout with several people.  I have Throttles for four operators (one is the main controller and can handle two trains). The goal is 3-4 (max) operators, or three on the trains, with one as a dispatcher of some sorts.  I have Car Cards & Waybills ready to go, but I've never set up operations. And, I  would like to set up one or two pairs of locos, to see how that would work as well.  Plenty to do, like installing bluepoint turnout controllers for staging track switches, but this was a major step in the right direction!

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Dennis said...

I really enjoyed the clip of your layout. You did a great job and it is awesome. Thanks for sharing.