15 August, 2011

Getting Structured (Sort of)!

With my work travel and work schedule, I have had little time or energy to get down to the basement and do work on the layout, or anything relating to it.  The biggest time spent downstairs a couple of weeks ago, was to take the pile of MR and RMC mags down to the shelf, and grab a Scotty Mason DVD for as a sleep aid, er I mean some late night entertainment (just kidding Scott).  And, I'm not sure if it was a case of the summer blahs, or what, but I didn't have the motivation to even pick up a tool or brush and work on anything; it was a struggle most days to even think about installing a Caboose Industries Ground Throw, let alone do it.  It seems the "Train Fanatic" wasn't so fanatical.  That's never happened to me before (at least not that I can recall), where I didn't watch a DVD, or want to get downstairs and model. 

Thankfully, it didn't last too long, and I did get downstairs and install a G/T or six, then started weathering freight cars, and recently worked on my Milford Produce Supply (M.P.S.).  Here's some pixes of my latest attempts at quality work. Note: Pixes were all taken with my 5MP Camera in my Droid2 - the wife has the Lumix, with the Leica lens on vacation out West.

An Atlas(?) Coal Hopper - I followed Scott's weathering technique:  Dull Coat, A&I all over, then Rust-All; looks better in person.

Same methodology, on an old Athearn hopper, except this one is used in Ballast Service on my layout.  I added the ACI, yellow dot, and Consolidated Stencil decals.  I tried to use a prototype photo of a similar car.

Another in-progress car, with some grafitti added, as we ll as different consolidated stencils.

Milford Produce - out-building.  Added some signs, and started weathering using Bragdon's Wx Powders.  It is showing darker than actually is, in this photo.

New signage I created to make it my structure - after a request from a friend, I will explain how I did this in a later posting.

Mock-up of the three parts to the building: Main, connector (missing corrugated siding), and out-building.

Another view of the mock-up.  It is slightly different than what the mfr's instructions suggest, to suit the space it will fit in.
The goal is to finish this structure and have it ready for the NNGC (Sept 8-10 in Hickory, NC), to show, possibly add lighting (with the help of MicroLumina - http://www.microlumina.com/) and get critqued, by some friends in the hobby.  I also hope this will be the first of several posts in this near future; however, as you probably know, I have said/written that before.  Let's hope I can break the streak.

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