01 May, 2011

Progress on the Layout!

I have been lax in writing much of anything about my goings-on down in the "Man Cave".  Life has once again kept me pretty busy.  However, we did manage to hold a work session two Saturdays past. WE being the operative word (me: the COO, Chief Procurment Officer & Chief Engineer, Daylene: CEO & CFO as well as lead painter; Bob Sprague: Senior Architect, Rail planner, & Chief Consultant; and Special Guest Star Michael "Paw of A Bear" Duggan, mechanical worker and artistic consultant/painter).

From L-R: Daylene, Michael, and Bob
 We worked on some basic railroad tie installs, two Blue Point Turnout Controller installs, and Michael was key in getting my Lovely down to start painting on the backdrop.  So far, two iterations into it, and it keeps getting better & better.
Trying to prove actual work is getting done - as if the amazing backdrop isn't enough! ;o)
Early last week, Daylene worked on the backdrop again, as she felt she could "do better".

Daylene is still insisting she can 'do better' and is planning on redoing the trees and include some depth, such as the rolling hills "towards the back", as in prototype photos taken recently.

Also recently, I started on installing some valences, to help 'focus' the lighting I put up on the layout and make it easier for pixes... and, I have cleared the "west" side of the layout, to allow for an install of a small backdrop, to conceal the staging tracks.   I'll try to be more diligent on updating.

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