10 March, 2011

Doswell Tower Takes Shape (and Scale!)

Quite a while ago (back when I had only pink foam & plywood), I made a feeble attempt at creating a mock-up of the Doswell Switch Tower (HN Cabin), using a cutout from an article I received, gluded to a piece of used photocard.  For whatever reason, this first attempt to make a scale mock-up was essentially an epic failure, but it was better than a folded-up index card with "HN Cabin" written on it.

HN Cabin Mock-up, during early construction of Doswell Junction.
Not to be put off, I found that my friend and talented modeler, Bernie Kempinski, owner of Alkem Scale Models (http://www.alkemscalemodels.com/ and see the link to his MR Layout Blog, on my list of favorite blogs, to right of this page), has a kit for a standard C&O Style Cabin (aka Tower).  I asked him if he could modify the kit slightly, to meet the differences of the existing HN Cabin (shown below, earlier this year)

Doswell (HN) Cabin, at Doswell Junction, 08JAN11
So, Bernie did the deed, and made quite a bit of progress on it.  Here's where it is in the assembly process:

HN Cabin next to Bernie's kit Pilot Model

Closeup of HN Cabin Kit
So, now I have to complete it, and get it on the layout, for an in-progress shot.  Needless to say, I'm pretty psyched and will post photos when I do so.

After this is done, I would like to get a scaled version of the Doswell Station (shown in my page header with the tower & below) custom built; the reason I say "get it built" is because my crossing is a stock Atlas Crossing, so the angle is slightly off and the inset of where the station would go is smaller, so I will have to work with a custom structure builder to scratchbuild this so it will a) Fit & b) look like it belongs.. more to follow on that epic saga, when I start in on it.
Doswell Station, now Buckingham Branch Railroad HQ, Sep 2007.
Note HN Cabin in the back. Behind the station, the old C&O Piedmont Subdivision crosses over the old RF&P's Double Track mainline.

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