18 February, 2011

A Holiday, A New Book and a Wing & a Prayer

Well, it's been quite a while since I was on here.  I make no excuses of "because I was too busy workin' on my layout"! :o)  Life, in general, has seen fit to throw some curve balls and keep me occupied for a good portion of the time, since the Christmas/New Year's break.  However, Model Railroading and Trains has never been far from my thoughts.

I am hoping to use this President's Day Weekend to spend some time down in the man cave, as well as some reading... and, if I'm lucky, Bob Sprague may join me for a little work on some track problems (shrink & swell has caused some misalignments and kinks to form), install some ground throws, and plot out the roads, scenery, etc. I am hoping to take some new photos of the layout, so commence your hoping, crossing of fingers, and drooling if you'd care to check back again... in a day or three.

On a good note, I just received my copy of Virginia Railroads, Volume 1: Railroading in the Old Dominion, authored by veteran RF&PRR Employee William E. Griffin, Jr. and Thomas W. Dixon, Jr. It's a first in a series of books about Railroads in Virginia and from my first cursory look-through, it's a good 'un! It covers several aspects of the L&N, N&W, C&O, B&O, RF&P, PRR, SAL, ACL, SR, Virginian, Atlantic & Danville, and Clinchfield, from the unique perspective of how they operated in the Old Dominion state. It's put out by TLC Publishing, Inc. for $29.95; I got my copy for a bit less through Amazon.com (link is to the left side, hopefully).

Hope this may help some of you VA "Old Dominion" Modelers and Railfans.

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