01 January, 2011

Happy New Year! And, A New Door!

Well, 2010 is in the books, and 2011 starts out with warmer weather than we've had the entire month of December.  Even though it's been cold, I haven't spent nearly as much time in the layout room, or at the work bench as I'd have liked.  I am making a resolution to spend more time on TRAINS!  Okay, enough of that.

Today, a good friend (Terrell H) and I worked on finishing a door and small segment of wall that we've started.  It includes a small exhaust fan above the door, to keep the 'man cave' and our food storage area cooler and less stuffy.  The new construction looks great, is very functional (we now have a Finished Basement and unfinished store room, versus a unfinished basement), and is just a little caulk and paint shy of being 100% done.  A big thanks to Terrell and his lovely wife for loaning him out.  A great way to start out the New Year.

In-between the work on the door, I've been busy on a few things.  One is cleaning off my work bench (it's been about a YEAR!)
It was nice to see the table top again, as it was so 'polluted' with construction stuff, scenery materials, etc. that I decided to get a table out and work out in the finished portion of the basement (you've seen pixes in previous posts of my table in front of the boob tube).  Once I did this, I found an unfinished structure kit, Plewak's Provisions, by BEST Trains, and renamed it to Day Dreams (for my wife Daylene).  It called to me, so I started working on that again.

I'm working on the roofs (finally) and will post more pixes as I progress.  I also started a Proto 2000 fast-kit, of a 53' flat car (with Generator Loads), but haven't taken pixes of it.  Finally, I've been working on the layout - probably not in a smart sequence of tasks, but oh well!  I put up all my fascia, Car Card boxes, and throttle plug-ins and pockets.  I also labeled all the pockets and filled-out Car Cards for all my rolling stock (minus the new flat car).

Just prior to adding the Car Card boxes & throttle 'junque'.
So, progress, but not the most progress I had hoped for.  Oh well, it's a hobby, and I'll get further along, now that the door is in place AND the controllers are up and working... as always, more to follow.


Anonymous said...

The other day my sons ans I went to a club display in a guys basement. He was PRR all the way- but I wondered, what do you guys write on those cards, the ones that look like the old dewey decimal library thingy's?

Love the RF&P theme. I from Monpelier- fifteen or twenty minutes west of Asland.


da coach said...

nice job on the track layout